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Growing up in a cultural diversity environment has always made me engage on different aspect of art and culture found in them. My name is Ankit Maharjan, and I am designer from Nepal, currently living in Canada. Designing is like a passion for me, I feel like I will never get used to with designing and art. I started doing designing back in 2010 when the world just started making things more and more digital. Back In Nepal I used to edit photo, create brochures, flyer’s, banners and social media post for different company. After working for several years in Nepal, I decided to pursue my career in the same field and to get a degree on designing. That is when I decided to come to Canada for further studies and now I have become a designer mainly focusing on digital arts and illustrations.

Digital Artwork

These are some of my creative digital work that I have done as a designer. I have use various techniques like blend modes, different custom brushes and worked with lot of colors. To look them in details click the button below.
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Digital artwork collection
Webpage design collection

Web Design

While considering various aspect of a website, I have created some simple but elegant webpage concept for different companies. Most of these are just the concept to make a better understanding of what I can do. To look them in details click the button below.
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Motion Graphics

Animation has always been a next step of designing elements for a designer. It's like the more you know, the better it is. So, I have made some simple motion graphic videos for clients. To look them in details click the button below.
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